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 Usotsuki Paradox: You can never be mine 1

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PostSubject: Usotsuki Paradox: You can never be mine 1   Thu Jul 30, 2009 10:47 pm

Here's a new series, it's a seinen one and there's a little nudity in this and I guess it's just generally r-rated. I think it's pretty good and it's kind of interesting, hopefully someone translates chapter 2 soon. Also, as far as I know, chapter 2 is the latest for this manga.

Raw : Finestela
Translator : RasberryIceCream
Cleaner/Typesetter : TNT
Quality Checker : Klutz

We are looking for more translators!!!

Please click on the first link when downloading.

LB DepositFiles Sendspace
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Usotsuki Paradox: You can never be mine 1
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