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 Cleaner app

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PostSubject: Cleaner app   Cleaner app EmptyThu Aug 20, 2009 11:39 pm

Hi, I'd like to apply for a cleaning position.

I took the Gamaran raw's from another thread and cleaned up a couple pages as a trial.

Cropped the Image
Removed text in areas
Reduced the image size
Finally, did a speed inking with the burn tool

Ch12p1 RAW
Cleaner app 1250894821

Ch12p1 clean
Cleaner app 1250901039

Ch12p2 RAW
Cleaner app 1250830360

Ch12p2 clean
Cleaner app 1250836574
(kept the file dimensions larger)

Thanks Smile I've been enjoying manga and anime for a few years and want to step it up a bit.
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Cleaner app
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