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 Sakigake!! Otoko Juku 1

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PostSubject: Sakigake!! Otoko Juku 1   Sakigake!! Otoko Juku 1 EmptyWed Jul 29, 2009 11:59 pm

Here's a new series for us, but it's actually an old school series in Jump, it has like 30 something Volumes, so it must be pretty good to have survived in Jump that long. It's a manga for manly men, so check it out now. Here's a summary courtesy of StrangerAtaru

It is a school unlike any other, taking in the worst boys society throws out and molding them into men. But unlike other academies, this school does it in a unique way, with a regime based on an anachronistic system, a Spartan training schedule and some of the strangest and most nightmarish tasks possible...and that's not even talking about the principal behind this madness! From Akira Miyashita, the forgotten gem that helped define Weekly Shonen Jump in the finally unleashed in all it's manly glory!

Raw/Translator : StrangerAtaru
Cleaner/Typesetter/QCer : TNT

We are looking for more translators!!!

Please click on the first link if possible when downloading.

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Sakigake!! Otoko Juku 1
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